Alternate Country, Gospel, and Blazing Bluegrass

Upcoming Performances

-August 9th, 9-10pm, Radio Cafe.
Woodland Ave, East Nashville.

-August 16th, Crevie Hall,
Songwriter Night, Hogen Road

-August 22nd, Bean Central, 8-10pm

The Charts

- The Rage, magazine, Lynn Manderson
- Top Ten List report by DJ Gerd Stassen in Germany
- On top ten with Doc Watson for Insurgent Country
- "I love this record" Hans, webmaster for Insurgent Country
- John Conquest's Americana Chart
- Radio Waves International in France


- (click to listen)
WXDU North Carolina
- 95.6, 95.2 and 99.3 Radio EMS Germany
- WEVL, Memphis
- WMPG Portland, Maine, Chris Darlin
-, updates soon
- WRVU, Nashville



CD Release

Moon Talking
To The Water

April 15, 2002

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