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Moon Talking To The Water    
Feather From An Angel's Wing
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Hot On The Track
San Diego Serenade
Kind of Girl
Moon Talking To The Water
Running Blues
Amazing Grace
Cocomo Blues

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Feather From An Angel's Wing
by Lynn Manderson

I ain't worried about no one
No one's worried about me
Cause I'm travelin' light
travelin' free
I found out all that I need
is a feather from an angel's wing

There's a beach in South Miami
where I used to sit and cry
There's a beach in South Miami
where I used to sit and cry
Like a seagull in a storm I was lost and forlorn
Like a seagull in a storm, bobbing along

Used to work to fill my time
Till' I found out all that I need is
the way the sand feels when I walk around

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Just A Closer Walk With: Thee
(public domain)

Just a closer walk with thee
Grant it Jesus, if you please
Daily walking close to thee
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be
I am weak but thou art strong
Jesus , keep me from all wrong
I'll be satisfied as long
As I walk, dear Lord, close to thee

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Hot On The Track by
Lynn Manderson

You came in with that long legged blond
Your eye on her money and your hand on her arm
You walked right past me
Slammed that whiskey down
Hey, baby, let me be your next round

Hot on the track, hot on the track
Hot on the track for you
Soon you'll be hot on the track for me

Used to see you leaning on your pool stick down the street.
Tattoos up your body in a mean streak.
Looks like you're searching for what you need.
Hey, baby-let be-me.

So I'll put on that dress with the low cut back.
If you come in we could set up a rack.
I sure would like to be with you.
Hey, baby, let me be your next move.

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San Diego Serenade
by Tom Waits

Never saw the morning till I stayed up all night
Never saw the sunshine until I couldn't find the light
Never saw my hometown till I stayed away too long
Never heard a melody until I wrote down this song

Never saw between the lines until I left you behind
Never knew I needed you until I was caught up in a bind
Never felt the heartstrings until I used you in vain
Never knew I needed you until I nearly went insane

Never saw the east coast until I moved out to the west
Never saw the moonlight until it shone out through your chest
Never saw the heart beat in someone until I had to steal it away
Never saw your tears until they rolled down your face

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Kind of Girl
by Lynn Manderson

Did it ever occur to you
I'm not that kinda girl
I'm the kinda girl, just passing through
The space between earth and sky
Where it's tough to live and not time to die

You can call me, call me anything you want
I'm not going to answer, answer your call
Keep my Eldorado souped up and top down
Not going to let you interfere with my best thinking

Know you whistle as I drive on by
I roll down my window just to say good-bye
See you on the corner trying to look good
Not going there even though I could

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Moon Talking To The Water
by Lynn Manderson

Moon talking to the water again
Says beautiful things
I can't say anything at all

When it comes to blue eyes and a soft touch I'm a fool
When it comes right down to it we all need a night or two
Never dreamed I'd be flying in the moonlight looking for you

Like a bird that hovers in flight we all need a place to land
But earth is a valley of shadows and you're not my cool canyon by the sand

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by Lynn Manderson

I can't understand why I can't capture you in the palm of my hand
His look on life has wings
I want to be the first thing on your list of things
On your list of things
I hope this love can't be sold
To the next warm hand to hold

Color me with colors that flow across the sky
And I'll cover you with colors I always hold inside

The colors won't let me go
I'm lost in the glow
As they move across my soul
Making me whole

The light on my shoulder
Your voice calls my name
Touches me like
The early morning rain

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Running Blues
by Lynn Manderson

Running blues, running down
Staring down at my muddy old shoes

I got lost in forever in your deep blue eyes
You had another woman and a pack of lies
Out here without a friend
Caught hell bound in the cold, cold rain

So I took my heart and your favorite shirt while my tears keep time with the rain and the dirt.
Don't know where I'm going
but I'm going to loose these muddy ole' shoes

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Amazing Grace
( public domain)

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost and now I'm found
Was blind and now I see

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed
When we've been there ten thousand years bright shining as the sun
We've no less days to sing god's praise than when we've first begun

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Cocomo Blues
by Mississippi Fred McDowell

When I get home, baby , write me a few of your lines
When I get home, baby , write me a few of your lines
That'll be consolation on my worried mind

Left my little baby, in the back door crying
Left my little baby, in the back door crying
Felt so sorry
Till he said good-bye

Coco me baby, coco me right
Coco me mama, be back tomorrow night
I'd like to cry in your arms
Baby do you want to go
Right down to the city, sweet home cocomo

Going down to the river, sit down to the river sit down on the ground
Going to go down to the river and sit down on the ground
Going to let the waves and the water, wash my troubles down

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